Have you ever abandoned an article you were reading online because it was cluttered, text-heavy or visually unappealing? Do you worry that maybe YOUR content is causing the same reaction in others?

Have no fear! Our friends at Thrive Themes have put together a handy guide to help you create visually stunning content.


The #1 rule of Good Visual Design? Making your content easy to read!


You’ve got solid content with good information you want to share – take the extra effort to present it in a way that is visually appealing.


Top 3 tips to improve the visual presentation of content:

  1. Use narrow width content to reduce eyestrain
  2. Use logical headings and subheads to help readers who skim
  3. Utilize plenty of white space to reduce reader fatigue


But I’m not a graphic designer OR a web designer!

“No problem,” says Thrive. A standard WordPress editor gives you access to basic text editor tools:

  • Headings
  • Fonts, font styles
  • Bullet point lists
  • Video, images
  • Shortcodes


snip media training


Content Containers

Using content containers further helps to aid in visual appearance, ease of digesting content, and calling out key concepts. Content containers, tables, and columns can be powerful tools to showcase key points while adding to the reader’s experience.

  • Code snippets
  • Image galleries
  • Expert quotes
  • Notes and section summaries


snip containers


Hidden Content

Studies have shown that readers of content online are quick to skim and are often pressed for time. If you’ve got important information you want to share that might not be relevant for all visitors to your site consider using hidden content.

You can collapse or “accordion” content that your reader can click to obtain. It helps reduce clutter while leading to increased engagement.


When using tools to use hidden content, this:

snip accordian 1


Opens up to reveal this:

snip accordian 2


You’ve got the information and now you’ve got the tips and tools to help you share it with others in a visually appealing way.

No graphic design background? No problem! Following these handy tips can help you create stunning content.


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