Every year the Gates Foundation letter, from Bill and Melinda Gates, is well received across the globe.

The letter describes the foundation's priorities and work throughout the year in the fields of global health and development.

Despite including significant data and often covering complex topics, the letters are well received and easily digestible.

According to Forbes, the foundation letters use three valuable communication strategies that contribute to the success of the letters.


  1. Use language. Real simple.

Don’t try to impress your reader with your use of big words or jargon. Your intent should be to connect and communicate – not alienate.

  1. Choose familiar metaphors.

Metaphors are much easier for our brains to process. Take advantage of that by using them to make complex concepts concrete. Use familiar relatable metaphors to help your audience interpret the information being shared.

  1. Share stories to support data.

Data is important but can often be overwhelming or difficult to connect. Using stories to connect the data can help your audience make those valuable connections.


When you’re preparing your next client communication – whether it’s an email, outlook, white paper, etc., consider using these communication strategies. You want to reach your audience and connect with them not just throw data their way.

Look at every communication effort as an opportunity to connect with your audience. Take advantage of these moments to strengthen that bond to be seen as a trusted partner.