Blensley Point-du-Jour, Vice President, Marketing Services at Discovery Data, shared his insights and discussed best practices on how to effectively reach advisors in these virtual times at SunStar’s recent conference, Strategies to Engage Advisors & Attract Assets.

Precise targeting

The adage “throw it against the wall to see if it sticks” isn’t going to work when it comes to reaching advisors in the current environment. Blensley advises it is best to refine and focus your message and your target, so your audience knows your message is relevant to them. As a bonus, you’ll decrease opt-outs and improve your deliverability.



Multi-channel programs will have the most success. Blensley suggests utilizing email marketing, social media, targeted ads, and more. Until you know for certain where and how an individual is consuming and responding to content reaching out across multiple channels will help you “meet them where they are.”


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That said, throwing messages out on multiple channels with no focus is not the right tactic. As you push content out on various channels make sure all the channels are “talking to each other.” Put your CRM to work for you tracking client and prospecting data. Make sure your CRM, website, social media, and ad platforms are all connected. Paying attention and analyzing which prospects respond to what content and on what platform can provide you with valuable information.


Email marketing

Blensly covered all the nuts and bolts of email marketing. As one of the most cost-effective methods to reach your audience it can be a powerful tool - but one that should be used wisely. He shared best practices and more.


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Blensley’s presentation was well received and chock full of valuable tips and actionable ideas to bring about results.

The recording, transcript, and slides from his presentation can be found here.  



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Point-du-Jour, Blensley

Vice President, Marketing Services

Discovery Data

Blensley Point-du-Jour, Vice President of Marketing Services, is responsible for managing the firm's email, digital, and print services and providing Discovery Data clients with robust marketing programs. Blensley oversees a team of marketing specialists who execute and provide best practices, support, campaign execution, reporting and analytics.

Blensley has 15 years of marketing, digital strategy and creative experience, along with many years of management and product development. Before joining the firm, Blensley was Director of Marketing Operations at Jackson Hewitt and, prior to that, Global Email & Digital Marketing Manager at Thomson Reuters. Blensley has a BA in Marketing from St. Peter's College.