Marketing - with a solid marketing plan - is crucial for any business. Getting started can be daunting and it might be tough to figure out where to start.

Whether you’re starting a new marketing plan or you need to revamp your current strategy, we’ve got three simple tips to help you get started.


Determine your goals.

Focus on what you want to achieve. Make sure goals are measurable with time frames that are realistic while also keeping you on track.

Want to increase website traffic? Wishing it into existence isn’t going to work. How will you do it? How will you measure success? Set a goal that includes a targeted percentage of increased traffic by a specific date. As the date approaches you will be able to tell if you’re on track to meet or exceed your goal and determine your next steps. If you’re not closing in on that goal, examine your current effort and see where adjustments can be made to help reach your goal.  


Know your audience.

Tired of hearing this? The phrase is overused – because it’s true!

Getting to know and understand your audience requires some work. Review your analytics, research your audience. Look at demographics – who are they? What is their preferred method of contact? What content or material resonates with them?

Once you understand what products or services they are looking for, you can tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


Examine your company messages.

This is a big one – you need to know who you are and make sure that message is consistent across all marketing materials. Consistency and continuity are key. Your marketing efforts should tell your audience who you are, and it should be consistent.

Is Whole Foods known for junk food? Are Doritos known for health benefits? In both cases, marketing and branding stay true to the company message.

These 3 tips may seem simplistic – and they are deceptively so - but they are crucial to developing a solid marketing plan. Following these tips will give you a solid foundation to kick off your killer marketing plan.

Creating a marketing strategy is a lot of work but doing your homework will bring better results. Lazy marketing is often apparent and could alienate clients, so be prepared to dedicate time and energy to your marketing efforts – a solid plan will be worth your while.

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