Marketing trends change each year in response to the market and consumer behaviors. What’s in store for 2020?

Experts in the industry vary slightly when listing their predictions for the year ahead but they all agree that 2020 will be the year of personalization.



Automation has become a huge part of daily life as well as the marketing industry. It makes life easier in many ways – but also less personal.

Generic email blasts to large audiences won’t help build relationships.  Targeted content to segmented lists will yield more solid results.

Forbes reports that in a survey of 1,000 people:

90% found personalization appealing

80% reported being more likely to give their business to a company that offered a personalized experience


Content is still king

Good quality content is still one of the best ways to connect with clients and prospects. Focus on quality over quantity.

Interactive content and videos are well received. Consumers are no longer passive when learning about products or services. The internet has put a wealth of knowledge quickly at their fingertips, so they aren’t sitting around waiting for companies to tell them about products – they are tracking down that information on their own. 

The Marketing Insider Group says you have to offer them something more than information.

They see 2020 being the year of the customer and report that marketing is moving to focus more on the consumer experience rather than selling a product or service.

Marketing continues to evolve tremendously from year to year. Sticking to old processes isn’t likely to yield positive results. Changing and adapting will help you attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Do you have your marketing plan in place for 2020?