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Sustainable Investing Trends on the Rise

With more and more investors gravitating toward sustainable and responsible investments (SRI), particularly among women and millennials, the growth in U.S. SRI assets reflects the sector’s popularity.


"They Were Who We Thought They Were"

Staying true to who you are.


If you’re a sports fan, particularly the NFL, then you might recognize the line "They were who we thought they were" from Dennis Green who was coaching the Arizona Cardinals at the time. He said this famous line at a press conference after being defeated by the Chicago Bears in a disappointing fashion.  If you are not familiar, watch the video for the rated-PG rant at the 30 second mark.

I am often reminded of the line when speaking with mutual fund managers and marketers when talking about their funds that have had some recent bumps and bruises in their performance.

Often times, it’s because a conservative manager can’t keep up when everything is going up or an aggressive manager underperforms even more than the market.

They often attribute sizable outflows to their poor relative performance and ask me for tips on how to deal with the situation. My answer is often a question, “Do your investors know that you are being who they thought you were?"



5 Rookie Mistakes In Press Releases

With so many press release hitting the newswire, it's no wonder most of them tend to not get the interest of reporters. Still, they have their place in your marketing and PR programs.


New President=Volatility. What’s a Fund Manager to Do to Keep Investors Calm During Times Like This?

Shareholders can spot a tall tale!

Finally, the campaigning is over and we have a new President.  Some investors are looking to you for guidance as to what it all means.  


This Bears Repeating: Sustainable Investing is Good for Portfolios

As we head into yet another new year, you’d think by now it would be widely accepted that sustainable investing does not negatively impact portfolio performance. However, the stigma sadly persists.


Communicate Now: 2017 May Put Money in Motion

As 2016 closes and 2017 gets off and running, it is an important time for fund managers to be communicating frequently with clients and prospects. The first quarter of 2017 has the potential to put a great deal of money in motion. In addition to the traditional fund sources and flows noted below, many investors may seek to seize new opportunities in sectors likely to benefit from the Trump administration.

With so much money changing hands, it’s important to ensure the financial advisor community knows your positioning, where you believe you can make money for their clients in 2017 and how your track record stacks up.


Giving Thanks for Straight Talk and Clear Communication

Why you should cool it with the corporate jargon

I know you know what AUM, basis points, and ROI mean. You even know how to define ROI, P/E, yield curve, duration, and EBITA.


How Do You Rank Your Thanksgiving Feast?

When it comes to traditional Thanksgiving fare there’s something for everyone right?



Wondering About Place-Based Investing?

Making Your Money Matter

Place-Based Investing Explained by Community Capital Management

It is common for foundations, religious organizations and high net-worth investors to seek to fulfill a mission through impact investments. 


Add Conferences to Your Marketing Plan in 2017

Industry conferences present fund companies an efficient channel to market their products to their target audiences. Often these conferences attract hundreds of advisors, brokers, institutions and/or retail investors, many of which are looking for good investment ideas.

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