And, what they don't want!

So, you are a fund company and you are trying to figure out what financial advisors truly want and don’t want.  You want these advisors to tell their clients to buy your fund.  

More is Too Much

First, financial advisors have chaotic schedules with little time to sift through a mountain of e-mails, phone calls, and snail mail.  Advisors do not want to be bombarded with material, and a barrage of phone calls will get you nowhere. They cannot read everything, nor do they want to. 

As in any business, relationships are extremely difficult to build.  Sometimes, if clients are happy, advisors feel that getting to understand a new fund feels like a bridge too far to cross.  Why waste the time?

Focus on what they do want:

  • Quarterly updates
  • Fact sheets
  • Access to the fund manager
  • Websites that are informative and easy to navigate

Keep in mind, any communications by fund firms with advisors need to be kept simple and succinct.  Be sure to differentiate yourself from the next firm in your investment category. Of course, good performance and consistency of strategy is very important.

Less is More, Seriously

At all costs, do not surprise advisors.  Today’s clients are tech savvy.  If you make substantive changes such as consolidating several funds, let the advisor know why and quickly.  The worst thing is for an advisor to hear from a client when he goes on and notices his or her fund does not exist anymore.  Not only does this affect the relationship with the client but your relationship with the advisor. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind, is when you do get that advisor to write that ticket to purchase your fund, do not overwhelm them with a zillion calls.  One respectful call or e-mail is plenty.  Keep communicating from time to time with material that reinforces the confidence he or she felt in your fund in the first place. 

Lastly, listen for “pains” that the advisors might have.  Sometimes suggesting reasonable solutions can build that long term relationship you desire in the first place.



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