A company without a good sales team won’t do well for long. To succeed companies need them pounding the pavement, making the calls and closing the deals.

But, are they getting the tools they need to get the job done?

A typical firm has different departments and often those departments are working in silos-meaning they work independently of other departments without sharing information. The sales team is out pounding the pavement using whatever materials they can get their hands on, while marketing is creating brochures and white papers on various topics and the research department is doing its own thing.

What if everyone worked together?

Collaboration across all departments is a win-win situation.

If the sales team finds they regularly need information on mid-cap trends, the marketing team can create supporting materials that can be used by the sales team in the field as well as at conferences, on the website, etc. It’s like sending a carpenter to work with a hammer – it’s giving the sales team the right tools to get the job done.

Regular communication across all departments can help ensure that materials being created reflect current economic trends. A firm may wish to focus on a particular product to meet an asset goal, but ultimately, a firm’s first priority should be to meet investor need.

Sales and marketing can have a beautiful relationship.

Relationships only get stronger with constant communication. Keep the love alive between sales and marketing by communicating, listening, and even compromising when needed.

Armed with the love and support of the team back at the home office, the sales team will be better equipped to close more deals. Investing in the relationship between departments, sharing needs and wants, could lead to increased sales as well as more relevant campaigns that could include white papers, social media posts, emails, webinars or podcasts hosted by the portfolio managers. Including conversations with key advisors or conducting informal research with the sales team can help identify the type of materials and subject matter that will be most useful.  

Firms with coordinated efforts amongst teams often seem to produce the greatest results. These teams work together to develop solid plans designed to meet the goals of the firm.

To help your sales team succeed and win more business, show them a little love.  Increase communication and find out what it is they need – what tools can help them get better results.

Communication + Collaboration = Love