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What To Expect From Your PR Program

If you’ve recently signed up for your first PR campaign and you’re not sure what to expect - it’s a good idea to set expectations for all involved.

Have you ever scored a terrific story about your fund in the media only to find out that your compliance team won’t allow you to reprint it or post it to your website?

“Time and money are tight and the budget is stretched thin.”

Adding Public Relations right now might not seem like the best idea. Yes, it is an added cost and it will require additional time, but the investment is worth it. In the long run PR can become an invaluable tool in building your brand because it allows you to:

These days, everyone’s looking to catch the media’s attention. Knowing the right ways to get in touch can make all the difference.

Want to put your company or your fund in the media spotlight? Here are our tips on how to best stay connected if you want to see your name in lights. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 06:34

Putting Your PR Dollars To Work

Money is tight and times are strange. Some folks question if now is a good time to spend precious dollars on public relations. The answer is yes! Just make sure you're spending it wisely!

Mark Cuban is a well-known American businessman and investor.  He owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and is a “shark” on the uber-successful television series, Shark Tank. 

Can National Press Outreach Help Local Wealth Managers?

Many wealth managers question the benefit of reaching out to the national press to promote their firm. 

This situation is probably all too familiar to you. You’ve been cranking away at client emails for hours, hoping to get to all of them before your meeting that starts soon. 

In this day and age, the internet connects us with friends, colleagues and potential clients. We rely on social media platforms to connect us to people that we wouldn’t meet every day.

I think of PR and marketing the same way as I do a jigsaw puzzle: no one piece will make it whole.

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