After 21 years in the investment business at a major wirehouse, we felt prepared to know a little about investing and dealing with the public, but we really knew little if anything about marketing a mutual fund. We hired SunStar Strategic to do our PR before the fund even launched to train us to deal with the media. After launch we were assigned a great rep, who was able to secure wonderful interviews with major publications. Because of one of the interviews we were introduced to a $100 million plus client. As we grew, we also found we needed a turnkey approach to managing our website and the media we were generating. SunStar again was able to fulfill that niche. During one of the toughest three years in the market, with SunStar's assistance, we have been pleased to see our assets under management go from $30 million to over $200 million today.


Sunstar Strategic has been our public relations partner for well over a decade, and in that time, this fantastic team has consistently exceeded our expectations in offering personalized attention and savvy business strategy. Melissa Murphy and Sunstar have successfully utilized their financial industry expertise and extensive network of reporters to position our team of portfolio managers as sought-after asset management spokespeople. Sunstar has allowed us to garner broad and consistent coverage from virtually every major financial media outlet, which has resulted in the Hennessy name being in the media on average once every two to three days. The Sunstar team is smart and sophisticated, and also fun to work with, and they always get the job done. We couldn't recommend this accomplished team more highly.


Media coverage has been and continues to be an important way to increase our company’s exposure, and the folks at SunStar Strategic have been valuable partners in making that happen. Working with the media requires both time and energy, and my SunStar contact has not only been outstanding in setting up interviews, but also helping me be as effective as possible in the interviews, so I don’t waste my time. But perhaps what I value most about SunStar is the patient and positive coaching after the interview on techniques to make it better the next time.


Launching a new mutual fund is exceptionally challenging and having a partner like Sunstar Strategic can make the difference in the success of your launch and the long-term success of your fund in general. At Cushing MLP Asset Management, we leveraged Sunstar not only for PR activity surrounding our launch and beyond, but executed turnkey solutions on webinars, email communications, and direct mail activity. The professional services and input provided by Sunstar consistently provided a forward thinking, progressive approach to marketing our firm and our fund. We are fans of Sunstar and consider them a critical part of our overall marketing strategy.


As a boutique and emerging investment manager, we spent a significant amount of time conducting due diligence on how we could best invest our resources to obtain national exposure for our firm and the mutual fund we manage. We decided to engage Sunstar Strategic in order to manage our media and public relations strategy, and the results have been as promised. Despite starting with no national brand and being located far away from Wall Street, Sunstar has helped us secure significant media coverage via TV, Internet and print. I believe this has significantly raised our firm’s profile, added to our credibility in the minds of our clients, and been an excellent return on our investment.


Prior to Huntington Funds' relationship with SunStar Strategic, we had very little exposure to the media and found little success in advertising. Since retaining SunStar, Huntington Funds' managers are frequently on national media circuits, adding a great deal of credibility and more brand recognition. Sunstar has been instrumental in the education of our key staff in how to conduct interviews so we provide the most professional appearance. This has proven valuable as many in the media now contact us directly because they are assured that our staff will present a succinct and appropriate message. We have also been able to take fuller advantage of these opportunities by featuring media interviews on our website, reprinting news articles, and creating a long list of media hits every month. In addition, SunStar has assisted us with marketing, graphic design, copyright, research, and more, helping us deliver A+ brochures that capture our target audience in ways we have never been able to do before.


Sunstar Strategic has been a valuable member of our team since 2003 and continues to be instrumental in the development of our business. Because of the industry experience and focus of Sunstar's people in the asset management industry, they 'get' the subtleties and nuances of marketing to this very fickle and fast-paced industry in a way that others do not.


The team at SunStar Strategic helped us to shape our message so that every conversation we have with clients, prospects and the media has more impact.


Hibre and the team at SunStar Strategic are excellent professionals. This has been a positive and motivating experience that has helped me to do my job better; so much so that I stayed up to watch the Asian markets post-Fed in the event that tomorrow brings another opportunity for us to share our thoughts.


The SunStar Strategic team has been a valuable part of Target Rock’s financial community marketing campaign. Their experience in finance and energy was critical to our firm’s market strategy and product launch. Their excellent financial and business media contacts and easy access to the financial press enabled us to quickly achieve an exceptionally level high level of brand recognition. Throughout our engagements, the members of the SunStar team performed at the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.


I am regularly quoted in print and do television interviews, but I nonetheless found the media training session to be extremely informative. In particular, I found the instruction on creating a 'message map' and controlling the interview to be particularly helpful. I also thought the mock television interviews were a wonderful idea. I definitely left the session feeling even more confident in dealing with the media and eager to get the firm’s name out in the press.


For me, media training was extremely productive, and I wouldn't want to do any TV interview (especially a green screen, remote) without having practiced with SunStar Strategic. Realism was their strength. I strongly support refresher training if you haven’t done a remote interview in a while to remind you how staring into a camera lens with no visual feedback can really throw you off your game...I give them 5 out of 5.


Kathryn Morrison and her team at Sunstar Strategic stepped up to a commitment to help make the renewable energy sector a bigger success, and they have been professional, influential with their media contacts, and excellent to work with.


I believe we had a winning investment strategy but knew little about telling the story. You showed us how to tell the story and who to tell it to. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it really fall?


It's been a real pleasure working with you and the other members of the team, and I’d welcome the opportunity to tell the story of how you’ve helped us turn an idea we had last summer into over $30,000,000 (already) in our mutual funds.  Thinking back, it’s a great story, starting with Dan’s consulting help.  And we believe the future is even brighter.


It's been a real pleasure working with you and the other members of the team, and I’d welcome the opportunity to tell the story of how you’ve helped us turn an idea we had last summer into over $30,000,000 (already) in our mutual funds.  Thinking back, it’s a great story, starting with Dan’s consulting help.  And we believe the future is even brighter.


It has been a pleasure getting to know Kathryn over the past year. Her passion for the transition to renewable fuels combined with her experience in the media are invaluable.