Should local wealth managers consider a national press outreach plan? 

Published May 17, 2018.

Wealth managers often question the benefit of reaching out to the national press to promote their firm. They wonder about the logic of a national reach if they're trying to reach a local audience that has access to their offices.

Dismissing national exposure is a mistake.

Being quoted in the press, nationally or locally, positions you as an authority on the subject and a thought leader in your field. Being featured nationally makes you recognizable on a larger scale. You'll be more visible to clients and prospects who are likely to view you more favorably and they'll feel more confident their money is in good hands.

Imagine you have a feature in Barron's. Both existing clients and prospective clients may see the piece and view you as a thought leader in the industry. Consider it from the perspective of a potential client - would you rather invest with a nationally known wealth manager or a manager with only local clients? 

You can read more about the changing media landscape as well as get great tips on how to get started by reading the full article found here.

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